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We have hit $3 Million raised for Amplify Austin Day! We know this is just the beginning of the generosity movement. Let’s grow the giving y’all.

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RT @mollard_consult: The philanthropic sector has made shifts in practice such as increased spending levels, more general support, streamlined processes, and engagement with questions of racial equity.
@CEPData has BIG questions for #philanthropy.

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Big Changes and 7 Big Questions for Big Philanthropy - The Center for Effective Philanthropy

Celebrate #IndigenousPeoplesDay year-round by helping reclaim #NativeTruth. Dominant, false narratives about Native peoples oppress their nations, peoples & cultures. Read “Changing the Narrative About Native Americans, A Guide for Allies:"

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Celebrate #IndigenousPeoples year-round. At First Nations, we believe any time of the year is the appropriate time to celebrate the contributions of American Indians. Keep the conversation going - add #Indigenous voices to your feed & stay in the know with news in #IndianCountry.

Today, we honor the history, culture, languages, and traditions of the Indigenous peoples who first inhabited these lands.

Join us as we recognize and celebrate the strength and contributions of Indigenous communities now, and every day.


RT @TheImprintNews: When young and vulnerable populations don’t have access to stable housing, they are exposed to additional dangers, writes Olivia Valdovinos.

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