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Our Grantmaking Process

The Reissa Foundation is committed to addressing social problems and improving the lives of vulnerable populations in California and Texas. In all our work, we aim for collaboration, open-mindedness, and impact. We work carefully with our partners to identify grantees working where we see the most need and the greatest potential for impact.

For these reasons, we do not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

Wherever we work, we start by listening, and we aim to be highly collaborative with nonprofits, government agencies, professionals, families, and other funders working in the community. We take a thoughtful, impact-oriented, but not over-complicated approach to our grantmaking. We encourage our grantees to propose new programs, and we’re eager to get them off the ground.

Where We Work

Our giving is focused on our communities in California and Texas, as well as areas of need across the country.

Los Angeles County, California

Southern California is home to many members of our family, and we feel a deep connection to this community. Our Los Angeles County-based initiatives include:

Austin, Texas

As a successor of the RGK Foundation, Reissa has a proud legacy of grantmaking in Texas. Our Texas-based initiatives include:

Urgent Community Needs Nationwide

Reissa supports urgent priorities in our communities, including Texas and Southern California, as well as areas of need across the country.