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Urgent Community Needs

Bethany Herwegh, Board Member
About the Initiative

In addition to our programmatic work, Reissa also endeavors to be opportunistic and responsive to needs as they arise in our communities.

While we don’t come to this aspect of our grantmaking with a set agenda, we are particularly interested in helping the most vulnerable people, such as women and children, disaster victims, those involved with the criminal justice system, migrants, and other at-risk populations.

Because of the quick-response nature of this grantmaking, we do not accept proposals or applications.

The Goal

Reissa supports urgent priorities in our communities, including Texas and Southern California, as well as areas of need across the country.


W Haywood Burns Institute

$50,000.00 through 7/31/21

Youth Justice Workgroup's Division of Juvenile Justice Transition Planning

Awarded: 2020

Urgent Community Needs

Region: California

The Onestar Foundation

$600,000 through 9/30/20

The Rebuild Texas Fund

Awarded: 2017

Urgent Community Needs

Region: Texas


$50,000.00 through 4/30/21

Keep Slauson Fresh Campaign

Awarded: 2020

Urgent Community Needs

Region: California